Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Geezer Remembered - Marty Stiles

Marty Stiles was in our geezer group at Greek Peak for many years after he retired. I first knew Marty at Cornell where he was a writer for the Cornell Chronicle and also as an avid basketball player with our group at Teagle Hall until they moved us to Barton Hall. Marty always stayed in shape and was a formidable opponent in the pickup basketball games at noon. He had a hard nose father that sent him to military school and he was also a football player. Marty had a sharp and sardonic wit. He had a way of bringing down the pompous person that we all enjoyed. As Allen B. reminded me today once Marty was working with someone who would say proudly "I went to Harvard". Marty's reply was succinct. "You'll eventually get over it".

Marty took up skiing in his sixties and progressed to being a very competent skier and was a fixture at Greek Peak until his death in his early seventies a few years ago. He was a great friend and we had many enjoyable rides on the lifts discussing life and mostly skiing. He was always experimenting with equipment and technique. He would go from straight downhill to telemark and free heel skiing all in one day. Marty was generous in many ways and chose to support adaptive skiing as a part of his giving back to society. Those of us who enjoyed his time with us truly miss hie wit and commentary at our morning coffee breaks. I would nominate him posthumously for membership in the "Tough Old Geezer Skier" group.

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