Sunday, July 7, 2024

Aging and Frailty

    Regardless of how well your live and take care of yourself, aging will continue to take it's toll.  A recent article in the New York Times dealt with that issue in detail.  Unfortunately the onset of frailty can only be delayed in it's progress.   

   As one approaching my 90th birthday in April of 2025, I can attest to the challenges of delaying the onset of limitations in both my physical and  mental abilities.   Even as I write this just after some yard work, I am enjoying the relief from my back pains agitated by my trimming shrubs.   Perhaps I should recognize there are professional landscapers that would love the business!

    What is the ideal way for one to behave as the bodily and mental changes take place with time?   The Times article suggested the best way to maintain some semblance of quality of life is first to accept the inevitable limitations, adopt a positive attitude and then work on a plan to manage the frailty.   Sure, it is challenging to maintain a positive attitude, but without that it is easy to descend into the hell of depression.   

    I suppose this blog seems like doom and gloom in some respects,   However, I am happy to say I am still in a good place in my life.  I have an angel of a wife, we have a wide social network, their are no major financial or family issues and each day continues to be a gift. Tammy Duckworth,  the senator from Illinois overcame extraordinary handicaps to survive and even have children when all indications that it would be impossible.   Her mantra has become live each day as a gift!  Should we all be able to do that regardless of where we are on life's journey?

    Meanwhile, this July day I look forward to joining my geezer skier friends on the slopes later this year.  It may be that I will be limited to the easiest slope, but I accept that and will enjoy every minute I am there.  If for some reason, I am unable to clip into my bindings, I will join the geezer group for a mid-morning coffee and swap stories of past adventures and current fun.

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