Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Becoming a Super Ager

     A New York Times article today noted the passing of Morrie Markoff, a supercentenarian at age 110.  He  was believed to be the oldest man in the United States!  From this article I learned he is designated as a super-ager and scientists will be studying his brain for information on what influences the ability to age well.   I also learned that anyone being mentally alert  into their eighties are super-agers!  Wow!  What an interesting thing to know since a whole cadre of my geezer skier friends are in their eighties and even beyond.  The good news about some who become super-agers is they still maintain alert and lucid mental faculties.   Morrie for instance was still blogging past the century mark even beyond!  A stroke finally did him in, but he had a great life to the very end. 

    I guess we all want to be super-agers in some way or another, even if we can never match Morrie's success.   It is evident to me there are some important things to learn from Morrie.   He wasn't a big drinker or overeater and he engaged in regular walking with his wife up to three miles with his wife eventually of 81 years while holding hands.   Keep moving folks it will serve you well.  While there was no mention of this in the article, I am sure that super aging is markedly enhanced with engagement in a variety of activities as well as having a devoted spouse or companion.   Love has a way of conquering many things.   On a personal note, I am sure my survival into my late eighties in enhanced by having on ongoing extraordinary relationship with my wife.  

    As I complete this blog today and leave soon for a volunteer stint at our Living History Museum in Homer, New York I am reflecting on how fortunate I am.  May all of you readers find inspiration for good living that makes you a super-ager today or some day in the future.  



Nancy Rehkugler said...

Awwww! How sweet! And so true!

Anonymous said...

And how fortunate we are to have you my friend!