Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Dregs of the Ski Season

       Here we are past the middle of April and bits of snow keep hanging around at some many ski areas in the east.  I still receive multiple postings on Facebook of adventures still being had on the slopes.  Corn snow is the surface and many a fine run can be achieved.   In Utah my son, granddaughter and daughter-in-law just posted some awesome pictures of skiing at Alta and Snowbasin!    Days in the sun slicing through great corn snow!  How long is this transition going to last?  Who knows?

    Although the dregs of the season are still out there to tempt many folks to keep going on the slopes, I have made the transition to summer/spring activities  Even mowed the lawn this past Sunday.   Recently took my first E-bike ride of the season and I am contemplating getting on the tennis court as soon as some warm weather returns.  My data base for my skiing activities has been brought up to date and is filed away.  Although skiing can dominate my thinking during the season, when it is over I find myself ready for other adventures.   

    Time to plan some hiking trips and perhaps some new travel.


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