Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Birthday Musings

    Today I am celebrating my 88th birthday.   Truly I qualify as a geezer by some measurements and certainly can embrace identification as a Tough Old Geezer Skier at the end of the 2022-23 season.  Thankfully, I have more or less enjoyed 74 days on the slopes enduring a variety of conditions from Bluebird Days to entirely miserable rainy and sleety days as well.  

    I am glowing from a plethora of well wishes form friends and family in multiple forms including US Mail, texting, phone calls and Facebooks postings.  You can forget about Twitter in my universe.  I am at my limit of apps for connection.

    I am musing about my generation in relation to the changes in our society as the decades have progressed.  The most recent shooting in a Kentucky bank shakes me to the core.  It seems our country has gone off the rails regarding compassion and civility for our human companions.  I grew up in a hunting culture!  We didn't need assault weapons to hunt squirrels, rabbits and pheasant.   We didn't need to be armed to go to the store or visit with our neighbors.  In my universe a sidearm was totally unnecessary.   When will this current idiocy end?   When my grandchildren and great grandchildren turn 88 will there be a country that honors human life to the extent it will curb the instincts to destroy?  

    On a more positive note even though I see the deterioration in civility in society, I still see signs of hope.  Each day can be an opportunity to serve.  The support one gets from a whole spectrum of acquaintances, friends and family on a birthday is heartwarming.  Rather than lamenting the decline of good manners I find comfort in living each day to fullest and strive to be a positive force wherever I am.


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