Tuesday, February 7, 2023


    A few days ago our geezer skier group got together for a noon lunch at Greek Peak's Trax restaurant.  Our gathering included both active skiers and some who were in hiatus from the slopes for one reason or another.  In the past we have often had 10 to 15 in our gathering.  Only eight were able to make it that day.

    It seems our little fun group of Tough Old Geezer Skiers is going through a transition.  A few years ago when we would have our annual lunch meeting in March we could field and many as 30 in attendance.   Of course the covid pandemic kiboshed recent get togethers.   The march of time drives a lot of the transitions.  Health concerns also exacerbates participation as well.   Thankfully many of us are still able to hit the slopes almost at will.   However, the day will come for all us when we will have to make the transition to other endeavors. 

    How we make our transitions reveals our resiliency and character.   Gracefully making exits might be the mark of a life well lived.   Several of our group have seen the inevitable and have gracefully changed to life away from the slopes.  I admire their resiliency and see them as a model for the transition I will have to make some day.  

    The idea of transition transcends the matter of skiing.    In life we go through a multitude of transitions.  We are in flow from birth to toddler to teen to young adult to  maturity and old age.   Along the way we will face many issues of both success and failure.   How well we deal with the vagaries of these changes will relate to our happiness and contributions to human kind.   Perhaps the best we can hope for as a legacy is for our friends and family to say he/she lived a good life.

    In closing I want to assure the reader I am not being melancholy!  In my senior years I am more content than ever in living with the changes each day.   Savoring the latter years is a great gift from the wisdom gained in the past.

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