Thursday, January 5, 2023

Go Fishing?

     I took the garbage out early this morning and discovered a rare event in January.   My driveway had numerous earthworms.   Unbelievable!  Multiple days of rain and warm temperatures must have signaled Spring had come.  Since the ponds and lake are still unfrozen maybe I should take up fishing again.  

    In spite of this weird weather my local Greek Peak ski area has remained open.  Even through several rainy days.   I drew the line on skiing in the rain for several days but out of curiosity I visited the area today to see for myself the state of the slopes.   I was amazed to find that a few of the slopes had enough snow base from the snowmaking to make reasonable paths to the lift.  Kudos to Greek Peak for investing in snowmaking capacity.   To heck with the idea of fishing!  Tomorrow I will hit the slopes for a fix.  Who knows?  My geezer friends might show up too.

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