Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Each Day Has a New Surprise

    As I reflect on the passing of the days during the pandemic I am glad that I have maintained a positive outlook.  In the new normal, the old patterns are disrupted and I have had to adapt to new activities and expectations.  As has been true for all of us.

    I have decided not to plan too far ahead.  Thus I arise each day simply looking forward to being surprised by something unusual happening in my life, however small it might be.  And so far each day has lived up to that expectation.  In this new mode tiny differences in my routine take on special significance.   Often my day will include an unexpected need for a change or repair in the household.  (Or just now a surprise kiss from my loving wife as I sit at the computer typing.  Those are the best kind, )   A recent example of household change is adding a repeater to my Wi-Fi to extend coverage to a far corner of the house where I might use my Ipad to watch a movie.   Today as I used the central vacuum, I was reminded that I hadn't  emptied the barrel or changed the filter in a long time.   I just finished the nasty job and ordered a new foam filter on line.  Good for another few months. 

    My wife, Nancy is a marvelous cook.  I am so fortunate that each evening meal is both delicious and often surprising in flavors and presentation.  I am a total omnivore and I think the only thing I detest is sardines.   Another surprise for the day can be the sights we see on hikes within our region.  We have an amazing number of  rarely frequented trails in the area where we discover marvelous greenery, forests and vistas.  

   In summary,  I am happy to go with flow.    New things will happen and old things will crop up.   And almost daily, my wife and I are delighted with photos of our most recent grandchild, grandson Finnian.   A most delightful, adorable and handsome dude heading for age three months

  My friends and readers, I hope you can find a new, entertaining and rewarding surprise in each of your days.

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