Monday, July 20, 2020


  The other morning as I slipped my smart phone into my pajama bottoms pocket, it occurred to me that pockets in pajamas seemed unnecessary.  Who is going to put something in their pajama pockets to sleep with?   But I guess clothing manufacturers understood we still wear our pajamas when we are vertical and sometimes want to carry something around for a while.  For me they are useful to carry my phone until I have finished my morning exercise routing.
    The above piqued my curiosity about pockets.   A little research showed there are over 40 idioms regarding pockets.   My long gone dad had one that I am still trying to figure out.  "It fits like a pocket on a shirt".     He would bring this up when we were particularly successful in putting something together on the farm.  If a repair went well or another task went off real I would hear that.   In the list of idioms I found on line the only one that seemed to be close to his was, "handy as a pocket on a shirt".   That idiom apparently came from the South.
      Pockets clearly are handy!   As a skier, when I am purchasing a new coat or pants, I pay serious attention to the structure and location of the pockets.   In these days of smart phones you want an external pocket that is easily accessed when necessary.   Pockets for snacks,  extra gloves and wallet storage are also essential.   However, as I reflect on the use of pockets of my present gear, I surely have more pockets than necessary.   Probably the manufacturers provide redundancy for the wide range of preferences of the public.
      There is no doubt that the right pockets in type and location makes tasks much easier.  I still use bib overalls for handy man projects.  Very useful gear for carrying a folding rule, hammer, pencil, etc.   I notice that trades people each have their special pockets specific their calling.    Beyond skiing other recreational pursuits have specially pocketed gear.   I have never been a fly fisherman but I do admire the unique set of pockets adorning the fisherman's vest.    I have not been in the military, but from afar I am intrigued by the apparent multiplicity of special pockets in a combat uniform.   
     One last observation.   I occasionally wear a pair of cargo shorts.   They have a multitude of pockets up and down each leg.    Even before I recently lost some weight, each time I wore them, if I loaded the pockets I had a hard time keeping them up.   Maybe the answer is suspenders?   Is suspenders the next topic?   Probably not!  I think the back pack will be the better solution for carrying cargo.

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