Monday, July 27, 2020

Iron Men (And Women)

      I just received my Summer 2020 70+ Ski Club Newsletter.  The front page featured comments about 90 and over skiers with special recognition to ones just turning 90.  The oldest of the group is 103 and still hitting the slopes.  We should label them Iron Men.   They just keep on going and going.  True, there are ladies over 90 skiing as well and I  admire them too.  Would it be an insult to call them Energizer Bunnies?   Perhaps so, since snow bunny has sometimes been a derogatory  appellation.    From what I read of these gentlemen and ladies, many are still ripping up the expert trails rather than seeking the greens.
    The inside story entitled In Memoriam is a bit sobering.  The deceased group ranges in age from 84 to 100.  They all had wonderful years dedicated to skiing after retirement as well as before retirement.    Fortunately almost all avoided a prolonged decline in health and expired as peacefully as possible in the companionship of spouses and/or family.   However, what a tragedy the 100 year old succumbed to the Covid-19 virus.  Damn! 
     So here we are geezer skiers, looking forward to another season on the ski slopes with the hope the pandemic will not take it's toll of the senior skiers.   The 70+ Ski Club has a number of excursions planned starting in January 2021.   Will it be safe to engage in group activities?   I am inclined to think it will be safe to be outdoors and use the lifts while using masks.   However, I wonder if it will be safe to gather in the lodge to boot up and have a coffee break?    I have a few months shy of five years to survive and ski at 90.   At this time our Tough Old Geezer Skiers group at Greek Peak has no active 90 plus skiers.    With the power of positive thinking I trust that this will not last. 
     On this 94 degree day in late July, thinking snow gives me hope and energy.   Stay well everyone.   Keep up following the best scientifically recommended practices to protect your health.   The world will be better with more Iron Men and Women out there!

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