Wednesday, October 2, 2019

What Kind of Body?

    I participate in a book study at our church that is a free wheeling discussion of our faith journeys.   The current book is Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis.   The author is a provocative thinker and sort of lay theologian.  However, that is not where I am going with this commentary.  I am prompted to do this blog based on remark arising out of a question about Christian belief of resurrection of the body.
Our pastors comment was, " If there is such a thing, what kind of body should I expect; one of a 17 year old?"   As I mused on that comment I couldn't help but relate it to my geezer skier friends commentaries about the nature of their demise.    Many will comment that they would prefer to go out of this world on the ski slope, enjoying a great run down the mountain or at least after a great day on  the slopes.   In the lore of our ski area there are stories of folks who did just that.
     Most of us in our senior years would prefer to pack it in while still active and somewhat hale and hearty rather than lingering on.   However, getting back to the potential for after life it is nice to think of some kind of restoration of a body or existence that would allow us to experience some of thrills and pleasures of our earthly life..  So I am not sure where I stand on this matter of the kind of body I would like to have.   For the moment, I am just concentrating on maintaining what I have.
      Recently  at our Geezer Skiers monthly lunch we had a physical therapist promote to us a 10 week conditioning program for the senior skier.   I guess that is a process for resurrecting the body.   Regardless of where we are on the spectrum of mobility or health, enjoying and being thankful for each day is plenty for me.

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Nancy Rehkugler said...

I don’t necessarily believe our spirit gets reunited with our bodies, but if that is true, I want the one I had when I was 23! If the current one, it would not be Heaven!