Monday, September 30, 2019

Advances In Battery Technology Influences the Geezer Life

    It is amazing how much battery technology has advanced in the last few years.  Rechargeable batteries have become a ubiquitous part of our lives.   Although this technology has had widespread impact on all lives regardless of age, I think the geezer population has benefited the most. 
    I know of one senior friend who actually runs on a battery powered heart.  He carries his battery satchel in a vest that he wears.  I guess he must recharge at night while he is sleeping.  Just like we recharge our physiological batteries.  He is indeed grateful.  Many other senior people who are on oxygen are blessed with battery powered oxygen generators that free them to move more easily in daily life.  In the continuing theme of support for seniors I must mention that those confined to wheel chairs now have better battery powered mobility.
     I really wasn't prompted to write this because of the above.  It was the new mobility my wife and I have attained with the purchase of E-Bikes.  We have been bike riders for many years but even though we are both quite fit for our age, pedaling up hills isn't much fun.  With our new bikes we are rediscovering how much pleasure it is to go for a recreational ride.  We have over twenty miles of range and can attain speeds up to 20 miles per hour.   We actually can ride with just battery drive, but since we have pedal assist with can  exercise at whatever level suit us.  His and hers bikes are shown below.

     Now I am thinking about what battery technology has to provide for skiing.  At one time I had battery powered boot heaters.  However the batteries didn't seem to last very long so I gave up on them.  Maybe it is time tor revisit this comfort device.  I know that battery powered warmers are available for ski gloves but so far the chemical warmers have been the best for me.  Meanwhile battery technology continues to improve even more so who know what is next.  
     Tomorrow is October 1st so maybe only 8 more weeks to skiing where I live.  So I guess I'll just look forward to some E-biking to enjoy the autumn colors and keep in shape.

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