Friday, November 30, 2018


      I think that geezer skiers often engage in volunteer activities that intersect with their skiing passion but do not interfere with the winter activities.   I effectively manage my volunteer interests so they do not impinge on my freedom to go skiing.   My volunteer commitments are arranged to occur on afternoons or evenings.  This frees up my mornings to get the best of conditions of powder and or grooming on the local ski slopes.   I am delighted to get the best of both worlds.
        Because I enjoy the snow, I recently got training from the National Weather Service to qualify as a SKYWARN reporter.  This means I am able to report snowfall and other weather phenomena to assist the Weather Service information for the region.  The November snowfalls have given me practice in reporting.   The photos below show my snowboard (not the downhill type) that is the reference point for my measurements.   As each new snowfall occurs I measure first and then place it on the new fallen snow to prepare for the next event.  I find this fun and an intersection with my skiing interest.
       Many of my retired geezer friends manage their intersections of skiing with volunteering in similar ways.
       To my retired geezer skier readers, I urge you to find volunteer activities that are fulfilling and do not interfere with your skiing passion.  However,  be careful not to overload your days.  My current volunteer diversions beyond snow reporting include,  Blood Transport Specialist for the Red Cross, guide at the Living History Museum of Central New York and beginning training for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.   If any of you readers out there are bored, I encourage you to get involved in your community and the Red Cross always needs new blood (pun intended).
     Happy Holidays everyone!

Markers Help Me Find My Board.

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