Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fifth Annual Geezer Skiers Luncheon

  How quickly time flies!  This past Thursday, March 12, 2015 was the occasion of our 5th Annual Geezer Skiers Luncheon at Greek Peak.  Our gathering was graced with a social hour, a great buffet luncheon and a brief program in the Adirondack Room of Hope Lodge.  Special thanks goes to Larry Monheim for arranging our gathering and program.  This event is a celebration of another great year on the ski slopes.   As geezers we probably appreciate each season more than most skiers.   We know that we are privileged to be on the slopes at our advancing age and never know what another year might bring.  I am not intending to be melancholy but more being realistic.  For that reason each day on the slope is a joy to be savored and perhaps at one time to be stored up for the memory bank.
   After our consumption of the fine food provided, our program consisted of a few appropriate jokes and other commentary.   And of course our resident Irishman, Pat Ryan,  aptly related a hilarious Irish joke.  Typically this skier provides us with a joke of the week to entertain us at our coffee breaks.  At such an event we make it a point to recognize special people in our community.   Once again we recognize Pret Goslee (soon to be 95) as our most senior member.  And we too recognize his wife Nita as another one of our skiing heroes.
  Last year I was awarded the First Flake Award in honor of being a geezer most likely to be on the slope almost every day of the week.   This year's recipient was Tom McCarthy.  To our regret Tom on Wednesday became hospitalize with a medical issue and was unable to attend.   We hear that his surgery was successful and we look forward to seeing on the slope next year.  He is a most intrepid skier who is almost always the first on the lift in the morning.   In his inimitable style he will cruise the slope with tenacity.
   We were pleased that owners Marc and John were in attendance at our lunch too.   As a part of the program they graciously heard kudos and gripes from the assembled geezer group.  Our emphasis was on both praise and suggestions for improvement of the skier experience.   In turn Marc and John had an opportunity to inform us of the challenges they face in making the business a success both for them and for us.
   As a community, I believe we parted in good humor with full stomachs and enthusiasm for finishing a great season of skiing.  We look forward to another great year for 2015-2016.   Now is the time to purchase next year's season pass.
Cheers everyone!
Nita and Pret Goslee

Greek Peak Owners, John and Marc

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Unknown said...

Thanks for posting a picture of my folks. They look fabulous! I'll be in town for Dad's 95th on Wed March 25th. I hope to actually meet you in person!!
Linda Heymering