Monday, March 23, 2015

Inside and Outside Fun

    Each day at our ski area is a combination of both inside and outside fun.  Of course, skiing is the main thing on the minds of the gathered geezers but the socialization is also a  major part of the day's fun.   Some days are almost magical  when the conditions are absolutely fabulous.  This has been a great year.  Probably one of the best years for many successive days of excellent conditions.    See the photo for the groomed slope that greeted us last Thursday March 19, 2015.
   A good ski day not only has super slope conditions but also has a large and boisterous gathering for morning coffee and hot chocolate.  The photo below captures one of our larger gatherings last week.   One table is not enough.  Haven't reached three tables yet, but who knows it may happen.    At this particular gathering we were expressing our sympathy to John and Midge seated at the far end of the table.  They live up a mile long lane to their home and were snowed in for several weeks and unable to keep their lane open.  A tragedy they were unable to get out to ski for a while.  (They are back today - hooray!)
    The skiing is scheduled to last into April and then it will be withdrawal time.   Even as an avid skier, I think I will be ready for another daily round of fun!  Tennis time for me and my wife!  And golfing for other geezers!  Life is good.
Post the big snowstorm grooming.

Dick, Gerry, Andy, Midge, John, Allen, Pat, Larry and Phil.
Bob the photographer not shown.

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