Sunday, September 14, 2014

Simple Wholesome Pleasures

   After a tennis work out today and a shower, I grabbed a fresh tee shirt from the drawer.  For some unknown reason the smell of fresh laundry struck me as special wholesome pleasure.   So that triggered further thought about simple pleasures life can bring.  Perhaps it comes under the heading of stopping to smell the roses.
     Here are a few wholesome pleasures that I find myself enjoying by trying to be more in the moment.
1.  The smell of baking bread.  I occasionally make bread in a bread machine.  The smell fills the house and stimulates the gastric juices.   (So tempting, my wife makes me do the baking in the basement)
2.  Wood smoke wafting on an autumn breeze.  Visions of a cozy fire and a tasty beverage of your choice.
3.  The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans.   I routinely grind my own bean to make coffee and truly enjoy the process.
4.  The surprise of a beautiful sunset.   Gorgeous colors painting the sky.   Probably the same thing happens in the morning but I prefer to sleep in.
5.  The neatness of a newly mowed lawn.  
6.  The purity of dew on the grass.
7.  Fresh sweet corn on the cob.
8.  The smile of a baby.
Recent Sunset -Photo Taken From our Patio

     Readers, now it is your turn to savor the simple wholesome pleasures you can experience.

      In a few weeks the leaves will turn and we will be saturated with the brilliant colors of autumn.  I'll remind myself to store up those visions in anticipation of the grayness until the snow falls.  But as a geezer skier, I can anticipate the beauty of the snow that will clothe the earth in new beauty.


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