Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rain on My Parade- Spouse to the Rescue

   I am convinced that minimizing the effects of aging entails daily exercise.  If my wife and I don't play tennis on a given day, some other activity has to be included at least for a half hour or more.   Gardening and other chores can substitute for athletics as long as I get up a good sweat.   This Labor Day weekend did not lack for exercise.  For two days I was repairing and maintaining my snow blower.   Each of those two days required about six hours of wrestling with the parts of the snow blower that had to be disassembled and then put together.  I must have sweat a gallon in the process.   We also threw in a couple of sessions of tennis as well.   Lost weight in the process but did vegetate one day to let the old body recuperate.
Disassembled Blower - My Wrestling Partner
   Now to the title of this post.  My day was taken up with morning chores and an afternoon guiding at the local museum.  No chance for vigorous exercise.  Post dinner this evening,  after a  brief rain shower, I decided to walk the neighborhood which normally takes about fifty minutes.  Several miles to work up a good sweat.  No rain when I left the house.   However, about 30 minutes into the walk the rain started and became a downpour.   In a few moments I was soaked and concerned about my smart phone getting wet.   Gritting my teeth and shivering a bit at the same time I was prepared to tough it out.   However, to my delight this geezer in distress sighted my wife's red Camry tooling down the street and Nancy coming to my rescue.   Great reversal in roles;  rescue of a geezer in distress rather than a damsel in distress.  Blessings to my lovely wife!
  As I write this I also hear a television warning regarding the weather.  Good thing I am under shelter.   Surviving to parade another day.
Golf Course Sight on My Walk for a Sunny Day

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