Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Winding Down - Spring Skiing?

Early Morning Line Up

   Here we are at the end of March and still skiing with mid winter conditions.  Most of the geezer group continues to faithfully show up each day for our mid-week 11:00 AM opening hour.   However, a few have stored the skis and anticipate heading to the golf course in a few weeks or taking up fishing on April 1.
   So far we have not really had any Spring skiing.  You know, the sunny days with corn snow and temperatures in the 40's.   Today's skiing was an example of the madness of March weather.  Temperatures in the teens, a ferocious 30 mile wind and overnight a dump of three inches of powder.   Not a typical spring day on the slopes.   For those of us that are die hard skiers we relish these final days of skiing.   If all goes well I can anticipate having skied over three months of days before the spring thaw hits us.   It will be interesting to see how the season winds down this year.  Will we get a sudden warm up with rain and see the snow disappear in a few days?   Or will the skier numbers drop so fast that the area will close in spite of suitable snow cover?   Whatever happens I will mark this season as one of the greatest in recent years.
Would You Believe - March 26?
   All in all I am very thankful for the socialization and exercise for the past several months.  However, there is a time to transition to other activities.  I am beginning to see all the little chores I have put off and recognize that my saint of a wife will welcome my attention directed to joining her on the tennis court.  God bless her for tolerating my addiction to skiing.  

Bob and Andy Prepared for the Worst

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