Friday, March 14, 2014

Fourth Annual Geezer Skiers Luncheon

    Yesterday, Thursday March 13, 2014 was the fourth annual Geezer Skiers Luncheon at Greek Peak.  Nearly 50 skiers and companions had signed up for the event but numbers were down slightly due to the extreme weather and road conditions.  Actually only a few geezers braved the frigid temperatures and ferocious wind that morning to ski.

   Our gathering at Hope Lodge was a gala affair where we enjoyed an hour of socializing in the Bobcat Lounge followed by a buffet lunch in an adjoining room.   It is a delight to recognize Pret Goslee as our most heroic geezer skier at age 94.   And also hats off to his younger bride Nita who manages to accompany him in spite of an ailing knee.   Photos below tell the story of our socializing pre-lunch.
Pret and Nita

Tom McCarthy

Instructions at the Bar

Dick, Pat, Bob and Bob 

 Master of Ceremonies Larry Monheim led our program with anecdotes and and introductions. A special thanks goes to Larry for continue to lead the organization and execution of the luncheon.  We are also indebted to Pat Ryan who initiated the concept of the Tough Old Geezer Skiers over five years ago!   It has been a gift of laughter and camaraderie enhancing our lives.
Larry at the Podium

  To my surprise Pat Ryan bestowed the First Flake award upon me.   A copy of a Gary Patterson painting. It is especially meaningful to me because for many years I have had Patterson's True Fear painting copy on my office wall.    Obviously a recognition of my idiotic behavior of skiing on wet grass at the beginning and end of the season.  Or more likely because I have been willing to ski in some pretty ugly rain.  He further entertained us with a great Irish joke spoken in an authentic dialect.
First Flake Award

    Greek Peak owners, Marc Meier and John Stemerman were are featured speakers.   They graciously filled us in on their plans for the area.   They underlined their commitment to customer service and excellence for the experience at the resort.  They also emphasized their plan to move judiciously forward while keeping an eye on the bottom line so assure that the venture can continue to be a long term success both in customer experience and profitability.  Following their presentation there was ample opportunity for questions.   Answers were forthright and complete and there was acknowledgment that there were always opportunities for improvement.   Accolades were given for improved service by the lift attendants and the capital improvements to the lodge and lifts.
Marc and John

  We departed with full stomachs and stimulated minds and with anticipation of success of our home resort under the new management.   And as always we will be prepared to give both our frank praise as well as our frank criticism.   Isn't that the role of the "Geezers"?

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