Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jinx - Skiing Ugly

     The only way to describe the skiing this afternoon at Greek Peak is UGLY.   It is amazing that we could go from an absolutely perfect day of skiing on Thursday to plug ugly on Saturday afternoon.  It was raining, the visibility was poor, the goggles were covered with rain dots and the slope was dotted with signs of "thin and bare spots".   There has been an incredible loss of snow.   I even had to remove my skis to get to the Elysian Fields and  Karyotis.   Surprisingly Trojan had the best snow.
     So I think I placed a jinx on the weather when I bought snow tires this week!  This is the first year in 30 years that I decided to purchase snow tires for my car.   After we had such a consistent run of snowy roads I was convinced that this winter was going to be marked by a deluge of snow.   Some of my ski companions suggested that my purchase of snow tires shook the universe and as a result the rains have come.  Woe is me if that is true.
     Even though the skiing today was ugly, I am still enough of an avid skier that I can say even a bad day of skiing is still a good day!   And yes, I did tough it out long enough to declare it an "official day".   Enough runs to qualify for the official day designation.
Can You See a Skier on the Right Hand Slope?

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