Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Anniversary -Pret and Nita

    The Goslee's had a good time skiing at Greek Peak today except for the disappearance of their car keys.  It was my good fortune (and likely theirs)  to encounter them in the locker area as they were making a meticulous search for the missing keys.  Unfortunately the keys were not found.  Thus it was my pleasure to give them a ride to their home in Cortland to retrieve the spare keys.   It was a pleasurable time to catch up on news and swap stories of various items we have lost in our lifetimes.
    As we were parting, Pret said to me,  "This ride is an anniversary present".   Lo and behold, Pret and Nita will be celebrating their 64th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow!   Wow!  Blessings to both of you and may there continue to be many more to celebrate.   You both are heroes for the geezer community in so many ways.  God bless!
There They Go!

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