Saturday, August 4, 2012

Patio Project - Entertainment?

     A year or so ago I wrote about construction entertainment when our local Walmart was being built.   I continue to love to watch the progress of construction projects.  In my commute to the Cornell campus several times a week I get to observe the progress on a major housing project opposite the Dryden High School.   Each trip I see a bit more progress.   In time the project moves from surveying to earth moving to drainage and infrastructure to footings and then the erection of the structures.   Eventually the structures will be complete, the roads will be put in and the landscaping will be finished.   A great sense of accomplishment when the project is done.
    When we moved into our present home we thought it was perfect and we would have no need construction projects.   Not so!!  So now I am into our own construction project.  Nothing major.   Just the addition of a ground level patio off our sun porch.  We envision entertaining outdoors as well as sitting in the morning breezes a bit closer to nature.   Since I have built many decks and enjoy the process of creating a new structure I am in the do-it-yourself mode.   The plans have been completed, the building permit obtained and the materials have been purchased and delivered.    Construction is under way.  See photos below.
    As a farm boy I helped my dad with construction projects and in my college days I worked on numerous construction projects including water pipe lines in Fairport,   the New York State Thruway across the Montezuma swamp and a building for Rochester Gas and Electric in Sodus, New York.   We work long and hard on those projects.  Even up to 12 hour days on the Thruway.   Over 55 years later in my geezerhood I notice that I no longer have the stamina of my youth.   After four to six hours of work on my patio project I am pooped!   On top of that my hands and legs will suffer muscle cramps even if I consume tons of Gatorade.   In spite of these annoyances, I am enjoying the completion of our patio project.   And when it is done, the pleasure of sitting on the finished patio will be enhanced by the satisfaction of creating a new structure myself.
Staked out Area

Platform in Progress

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