Friday, August 17, 2012

Information Outpost - Cornell 2012

   The 2012-2013 Cornell academic year was kicked off today with the arrival of the Class of 2016.   Each year the emeritus faculty and retired staff volunteers man information outposts at the main entry points to the campus.   We enjoy welcoming the parents and students and helping them find their way to their dorms, registration sites and local businesses.   Most of them are suffering from a bit of stress and appreciate a smiling face and assurances that they can find their way to specified locations.
   Every form of conveyance can be observed.   Vehicles range from U-Hauls to pickup trucks to  huge SUV's to totally stuffed compact cars to an occasional mega luxury vehicle.   I was blown away by a very hot Porsche Panamera sedan.   An amazing piece of machinery.   Depending on the model and options your can buy it for as low as $80,000 or as much as $176,000.  I guess it is good that their is enough wealth around to keep this manufacturer in business!
   Cornell's needs blind admission brings an eclectic mix of students and parents.   With a yearly expense at full cost of over $50,000 we have the wealthy clientele who find that expenditure only a blip on their yearly income.   On the other hand we also have the capable student from the a low income single parent family who is able to attend Cornell with a combination of financial aid, loans, work-study and a modest family contribution.   I like to think that Cornell can bring together both the 99% and the 1% and all in between to learn and appreciate the range of paths each life can take.

Left to Right - David, Jeannette, Art, John, Ann

Left to Right -David, Art, John, Ann, Gerry
   All of us who work at the outposts have a great love for Cornell and are happy to give back to the Cornell community that has enriched our lives.   And our two hour shifts gives us a chance to swap a lot of stories and reminisces of our time at Cornell.  See the photos above of my companions for today.  Even an hour of rain failed to dampen our spirits.

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