Thursday, October 27, 2011

Teaser Snow

Snow Covered Grass  -Recently Mowed

      As a skier I am always looking forward to the beginning of ski season with a good snowfall to get things started.  However, in late October in upstate New York any snow that falls at this time is only teaser snow.   An inch or two of slush that is bound to melt in the next 48 hours is not worthy of being called anything but teaser snow.   In spite of the teaser snow I still enjoyed my afternoon walk.  There is a certain beauty to the white snow piling up on the green grass, coating the still blooming mums and changing the dark roofs to white.   Here are a few scenes that capture this beauty.
Well Insulated Roof?
Droopy Headed Mums Frosted With Snow 

     The new snow certainly stirred me to action to get the cars ready for the winter season with filling of the windshield washer fluid containers.   Also was inspired to throw the snow brushes and ice scrapers into the trunks.   Probably time to check out the snowblower too.   I think I'll wait a few weeks to bring the snow shovels up from the basement.   
    Meanwhile, best wishes to the ski geezers in Colorado who are getting enough snow at Arapahoe Basin to get in a few runs.

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