Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Geezer = Curmudgeon?

      I sometimes wonder if I act like a curmudgeon.   The definition is "A crusty, ill-tempered old man" from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary on line.   I guess I don't object to being crusty since it seems like one could think of that as being like a pie crust.   A little crisp and flaky but all right to consume.   Being ill-tempered is another matter.    Fortunately most of my geezer friends are not ill-tempered.   They may be opinionated and sometimes abrupt but for the most part they are quite congenial.
      Perhaps when you exceed ninety years of age you have the right to become a curmudgeon.   Recently Andy Rooney retired from a regular appearance on the television show 60 Minutes.   He certainly qualifies as a geezer at 92 and is certainly crusty.    To a degree I would have to also classify him as a curmudgeon.   Often in his opinion pieces he revealed an ill-temper about many things.   His complaints sometimes revealed an irascible nature that could be endearing but at other times irritating.   He clearly demands to be left alone in public and I expect anyone approaching him for an autograph would suffer his wrath.
     When one points a finger at someone else, there are three fingers pointing back at oneself.   I shall be careful about who I call a curmudgeon and if complaining too often is curmudgeonly I promise to mend my ways.   Meanwhile, I am thankful for my geezer friends in their nineties who are as kind and cheerful as anyone I encounter.
    In conclusion, I am glad I have a curmudgeon monitor in my dear wife.   Her gentle chiding will keep me on the straight and narrow.

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