Thursday, April 14, 2011

Skier Haiku

    This is poetry month and I heard on the radio this morning that there is a haiku contest in Florida  that is open to anyone to enter.   With the ski season ending last Sunday it seems appropriate to generate a haiku in memory of the past ski season.   My understanding is that a haiku is three lines with five syllables in the first, seven syllables in the second and five syllables in the last line.   So here goes.

Preparation and Celebration

 Ski season ended.
  Hundreds of runs were enjoyed.
    Have next season's pass.

    Yes, the next season's pass has been purchased for most of the Tough Old Geezer Skiers and we are looking forward to another enjoyable winter on the hill.  Meanwhile tennis and golf  beckon.  Keeping healthy and fit are on our agendas.  And I think I'll give the haiku writing some more thought.
End of Season Conditions - Snow on the Ski Slopes - Surroundings Bare

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