Thursday, April 28, 2011

Enjoying the Gifts of the Day

    After I presented my lecture on the history of plows last week there has been a flurry of activity to archive my presentation.   My colleague Bob Cooke is a master of producing DVD's and getting material  into eCommons at Cornell.   He has kept my nose to the grindstone putting out material to embellish my lecture with background material on plows and their connection to Ezra Cornell and Cornell University. It is indeed a gift he has for completing archival projects and indeed a gift to me to have this material featured in the  Cornell on-line materials.
    Although I have been quite busy at the office, I consciously try to be aware of the burgeoning of Spring.  The grass has turned a beautiful green and believe it or not it was fun to crank up the mower and complete the first lawn mowing of the season.   In front of my department's building at Cornell are a group of flowering plum trees that are in full bloom.   I had the good sense to enjoy their beauty each time I entered and left the building.  
     Gifts of the day come in many forms.  A smile from  a friend, lunch with a colleague,   the pleasure of the ride in my Smart for Two car, a glass of good wine,  tennis with Nancy, success with a complex crossword puzzle, and an invitation to a North Rose Central class of '52 luncheon are but a few them.   Enjoy living in the present!
Flowering Plum Trees

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