Thursday, May 9, 2024

What Would People Think?

     Today I was reminded by something I read that the idea of what people will think has had a dramatic effect on some of our behavior.  Probably a check of rashness in both behavior and commentary!  The author of the piece that sparked my thinking on  this topic has decided he is done with that curb on his behavior.   He is ready to move ahead as inspired to act and say as he wishes regardless of the impact on the observer.  I guess as octogenarian,  that I am moving on into that camp.  However, my mother was quite controlled by the elements of what people would think and her words still ring in my head.  If one is convinced that an action or comment is best for them,  and actually is not meant to harm anyone, I think it is refreshing to move boldly ahead.  Too often we hold back from being our true self because we would not fit in or be welcomed by our current social circle or the world.   One should not have regrets that they did not do some satisfying activity just because of "what would people think".


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