Thursday, December 28, 2023

Absurd Ski Season!

    Here it is late December and not a snow flake on the ground in my yard!  A series of rainy days possibly continuing through the rest of the week.  My hopes for a magnificent ski season are being dashed.  An unbelievable weather pattern.  It struck me hard this morning as I took the garbage out and saw earthworms crawling on my driveway!  That is a the kind of scene I would normally see as spring approaches in late March.  See photo!

    As you might expect I am feeling severe withdrawal  from my normal routine of heading for the slopes each morning for my daily fix.    When you are a geezer, you recognize your  days on earth are numbered and you don't want to miss the joy of skiing as long as you can.  Perhaps all the gloom in my attitude comes from mourning the recent loss of one of our geezer skiers.   

    On the brighter side, I still have hopes January will bring a change in the weather pattern and some cold weather at least for making snow.  Unfortunately I heard this morning that 2023 will go down as the warmest earth in thousands of years!  Meanwhile, I will maybe write more of this blog, brush up on my piano skills to be able to duet with my grandson, and complete all the chores I probably should be doing at home.  No problem keeping busy next week since I have multiple body maintenance appointments with my doctors.   They don't call us Tough Old Geezer Skiers without a reason.  

And Happy New Year all.   My cup of life is still full and running over!

Valiant Earthworm on My Driveway
December 28, 2023


Nancy Rehkugler said...

We could play ping pong!! I know it's not skiing, but it is moving, so that's a good thing!!

Gerry Rehkugler said...

Got it! Ping Pong a good substitute to keep me moving.