Monday, August 14, 2023

Happy Birthday Social Security!

     Today 88 years ago in 1935, the Social Security act was signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Coincidentally 1935 is the year of my birth.  Fortunately for my parents, they were able to retire with dignity by the time they reached 65.    I, too, am grateful for this act since Social Security now supplements my income from other retirements awards and allows me and my wife to live comfortably into my late eighties and hopefully for a few more years as well.   

As a reminder, our contributions over the years to this fund is part of the social contract, where we are sharing in the responsibility for our well being as a partner with our government.  I am thankful that a stable government honoring the needs of our people gives us a security we would not otherwise have.

    I'll bet many geezer skiers will join me in congratulating the visionaries that enabled elevating people of this country from the curse of poverty in old age.   And for some, maybe the Social Security income finances their season pass!

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