Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Shrinking Fritter

     My regular season ski companions often chide me for eating my apple fritter at coffee break.  I am known to consume a fritter on a daily basis without fail.  They usually remark on the size of the fritter!  For years my supplier has baked the fritters in house at the store and they were huge.   Not so anymore.   With the rise in inflation in the economy there is a trend to keep the price of food item the same but reduce the amount in a package without changing the price.  

   My fritter has succumbed to the change.  Now my fritters are shipped into the store from a central bakery supplier.   The size is so dinky compared to the originals that even the clerk at checkout noticed and sympathized.   Alas, I will have to adapt to this new era.  Perhaps it will be a good change to reduce my calorie consumption.  It makes me appreciate each bite I take with my coffee.  I now slow down and savor each morsel.

    In the bigger picture of the effect of inflation on maintaining our diet this is  a metaphor for the pain many families suffer.   Higher prices reducing buying power for many families increases the struggle to provide nutritious food.   For me the shrink is merely an inconvenience.   However, for many it can be hunger pains at the end of the month.   I have consistently provided food banks with monthly support out of my abundance.   Readers out of your abundance I would encourage you to do likewise!

Current Size Fritter - Previous was 50% Larger


Nancy Rehkugler said...

Nice blog! I was surprised and delighted to discover that it was a metaphor! Brilliant!

Pat and Bev said...

Eat two. Problem solved. I'll even help you eat the second one!