Thursday, June 16, 2022

What Are You Doing This Summer?

     Recently I have had a number of people quiz me about what I am doing this summer.   I am somewhat puzzled by these inquiries.  It seems that many of my acquaintances who know I ski a lot think I have no other interests to keep me occupied.   It reminds me of the year I retired and everyone was asking me what was I going to do in retirement.  I had really planned for that and had a number of family and volunteer adventures lined up.   I certainly was occupied being a stay at home dad with a 10 year old daughter at the time.  To satisfy the inquiries in my initial retirement I made up a business card with a list of my activities.   Perhaps I need to do that again!   I like to market myself as a Professional Retiree!   

    Along the line of doing in retirement one has to keep reinventing yourself.   Aging has a way of restricting some physical activities.   I participated in the New York State Senior Games in tennis this week.  Only three of us in my age bracket and I hadn't done much training leading up to the event and didn't make much of a showing.  Happy to say though that I am still participating.  Showing up is a win!

    Changes keep happening in the volunteer activities too.   I have been a Blood Transport Specialist for the Red Cross for  a number of years driving about 800 miles a month delivering blood from the drives to the lab.  Yesterday I heard of a change in the protocol for handling blood for the most part will  phase out that opportunity.   

    I guess I am not too worried about finding things to do.  As each day rolls around there are numerous spontaneous things that pop up.   There is always some landscaping and gardening around our home.   Home maintenance items are more frequently showing up after 15 years too.   E-biking, hiking and day trips will become more frequent.   I also have a significant writing project that needs attention as I document dairy silos in Cortland County and their relation to transitions in over a century of dairy farming.   A history project!

    In conclusion, perhaps we all should pause from worrying about what we are doing and kick back and just be.   Be aware of the joy of living,  Be aware of our relationships.  Be aware of what amuses and motivates us.  And savor each day as God's gift of existence.


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Nancy Rehkugler said...

Well said, Gerry! You are always doing something! Pruning shrubs and trees, hauling it all away to the city yard recycle; helping around the house….dishes and vacuuming are your specialty. Mowing the grass. Trimming. Volunteering at the Living History Museum. Solving technology problems, which occur almost daily! Daily exercise, daily crossword puzzles, and on and on the list goes! You are a helpful and busy guy!