Saturday, February 5, 2022

A Reset Day

    It has been a great week of skiing at my home mountain Greek Peak.  Several bluebird days followed by a big dump of snow to refresh the whole area.  Normally I would be racing out this morning to sample more of the overnight powder.  However, in the interests of preserving this old body I am making this a rest and reset day.  Five straight days of skiing has depleted my energy reserves and now is the time to have a bit of rest and relaxation.   Recharge is the order for the day.  Perhaps there is some more incentive to stay home this weekend in view of the large crowds showing up.   Weekends are much more chaotic.  Even this Friday was a zoo with the schools being closed.   Another factor in avoiding the weekend also centers on my anxiety of a crash with a snowboarder.  Geezer skiers are more vulnerable to the more aggressive boarders and skiers that a more likely to show up on weekends.  An incident yesterday underlines my anxiety when even waiting in the lift line I was nearly struck by a boarder zipping through the line.  

    So back to the reset day!  Even though I am on recharge, it doesn't mean I sit all the day.  Per my normal non skiing regimen I was on the exercise bike for nearly an hour.  Also both my driveway and my neighbors needed clearing of the recent snowfall with my snowblower.   It was a busy two hours.  As I write this my coffee is cooling and I look forward to some leisure time doing my crossword puzzles and reading a couple of books that I am partially into.  Best wishes to the younger crowd for a great weekend.  Monday is coming!   The morning geezer skier crowd will be first chair people raring to go each morning of the week.  Then ski area is our private playground for a while!

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s. cook said...

good reason to use caution. A gentleman broke his hip this weekend and h was a regular skier. Also only 70 and in good shape too.