Saturday, October 23, 2021

Delayed Gratification

     Many skiers are tuning up their gear and are looking forward to the start of the new season.   We are anticipating returning to the slope to enjoy our sport to the fullest.  For those of us in are most senior years who have a long history of hitting the slopes as much as possible most have the joy of anticipation of renewing our skills.   Yet, we are now in the mode of delayed gratification.  The sooner the season opens the better we like it.   However perhaps living in the waiting can make the day when we can regularly ski be sweeter than before.   

    On a more somber note it will be sad to be without the companionship of several of my senior group that have either passed on or terminated  skiing for health or other reasons.   Unfortunately we seniors cannot necessarily anticipate when our days on the slope will be over.   However, more cheerfully I can recall the stalwarts that have managed to ski into the nineties!   Ah well I have my season pass in hand and the locker is ready to be filled with my gear.   It will be a happy day when our geezer group can gather for coffee and chit chat.  Those of us on the hill will welcome any of our emeritus geezers for their input at any time they can make it.

    In closing the topic  of delayed gratification, here are some observations during this horrible pandemic.    Eventually it will be a joy one day to freely associate in groups without fear of infection.  It will be nice to eventually see the supply chain bottlenecks eliminate.  (A couple of days ago I ordered a new car.   Delivery is 18 weeks away!  Wow!).   Probably the greatest gratification will be some assurance that everyone can be free of worry about their exposure to a deadly virus.

    Meanwhile I am reminded to count my blessings.   As I used our indoor plumbing several times today, I am reminded how I take this convenience for granted along with central heating and air conditioning.   I grew up with neither!  Simple things mean a lot.

    Think snow!

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