Wednesday, November 11, 2020


      Time to be sure the skis are ready for the new season.  It got me to thinking about waxing of skis as lubrication to makes things go more smoothly.   I began to think about this as a metaphor for for the functioning of our nation and our society.   What is the equivalent of wax in our society to make things move smoothly?  Unfortunately over the past four years we have seen what does not work.

    Thus I would like to focus on what I think does lubricate our society.    If we respect each other we will be on the right path.   Respect means we honor each person as worthy regardless of economic, social or racial identity.   We will avoid name calling.   We will seek to be empathetic.   We will support leadership that embraces values that enhances cooperation rather than combativeness.   We will foster character that we would want our children to emulate.   We will examine ourselves and seek to remove the lesser angels from our being.   

    I know that what I say next may offend some of my followers and friends but I need to speak my truth.   When truth is subjugated everyone suffers.   Our United States of America has been so assailed by lies that we have become immune to their effect.   This must change.  The very soul of our nation is at stake.   My hope is that there will be an age of enlightenment in the future.  May the grit of lies be replaced by love, respect and truth. I hope to live to see that day. 

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