Monday, April 27, 2020

Geezer Skier Hall of Fame

     I suffer from interrupted sleep which is both disturbing but sometimes useful.  Ideas will pop into my head during my wakeful periods. One morning I got the inspiration that  we should have a Geezer Skier Hall of Fame.   There ought to be some kind of national recognition for the geezers who have contributed to the sport of skiing over their retirement years.    Perhaps the age for eligibility for this Hall could start at 65 or when we decide to take Social
Security.   Beyond longevity,  criteria for induction into this hall should have some achievements.   What should they be?
      To get some ideas for criteria I did some research on a number of Hall of
Fames.  I looked at the following sports.
      There were multiple aspects of eligibility and criteria for the inductees.   The selection processes were quite variable as well.     Eligibility almost always had an age factor,  a minimum amount of participation, and some levels of achievement supported by stats.   How the criteria factors were judged certainly did vary.   As many of you may know the Baseball Hall of Fame selections are dominated by the Baseball Writers Association of America.   Their votes over the years must reach a certain level of endorsement to accomplish induction.   It is interesting that Golf lays out very specific qualification details, even naming the number and type of events that must be won to get into consideration.     I like the  International Tennis Hall of Fame criteria for eligibility.  They provide for automatic eligibility for the stars who have won multiple majors and they provide opportunity for the lower echelon who have been the road warriors contributing to the sport over a long time.  In closing on this research I have a few words about the Skiing Hall of Fame.  Actually it is a Hall of Fame for snowsports; not just skiiing.    Anyone can submit a nomination form with appropriate supporting materials.  Of course selection will be dependent on the highest levels of achievement on both a  national and international level. 
      In conclusion I should not fail to point out that all the halls require exemplary character beyond athleticism  they excelled in.   For your own edification I suggest you do your own research.
     Now back to the matter of a Geezer Skiers Hall of Fame.  Maybe we should partner with 70+  Ski Club and piggy back on their network.   Meanwhile I challenge you readers to come up with suggestions of criteria and process.  Beyond a minimum age for induction here are a few ideas for criteria.
1.  Having skied at least 10 years after retirement.
2.  Having skied a number of days that exceeds your age for 5 years in a row.
3.  Having placed in the top ten nationally in the NASTAR competition.
4.  Having won at least one Master's race in retirement.
5.  Having served on the Ski Patrol for 5 years past age 70.
    This has been fun to write during my lock down.  Lookin forward to comments on criteria and the selection process.  Stay well everyone.

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