Saturday, January 4, 2020

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

My local slopes are losing snow!
A proliferation of signs saying thin and bare spots.
Angst over missing a day of skiing.
Anticipating more snow next week.

Useful activities for the day?
Not 12th night, but outside decorations need to come down.
Recumbent bike exercise substitutes for skiing! Yes it is done!
Write my blog!

Reflections on 2019.
A healthy year!
Losses and gains.   But gains outweigh the losses.
Swift passing of time.  Where did the year go?

Accomplishments of 2019.
Finished my memoirs entitled From Farm to Academia.
Hiked in15 New York State Parks. 
By Spring 2019 I finished 90 ski days.

Looking forward for 2020.
Visit more parks, ride more miles on our new e-bikes
Celebrate more with family and friends and welcome another grandchild.
Ski more days than my age by the end of ski season.

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