Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Is There A Gene for Skiing?

      Recently I read an article on on the influence of genes on a number of behaviors.   Genes can even influence which kind of foods you like.  Some of us like broccoli  but there are many who absolutely abhor this vegetable.  They have a gene that makes them sensitive to an element in broccoli that is particularly bitter to them.  Remarkably there is some evidence that genes can determine to some extent whether we lean to the left or the right politically.  Maybe that is the reason we often find it difficult to calmly discuss our political views.  Maybe we are hardwired to behave one way or another.  I am not totally convinced that this is true.  Thus we have the nature versus nurture debate.
     So as a geezer skier I am pondering if I am blessed with a unique set of genes that generates my passion for skiing?   Even as a poor child, I somehow acquired a pair of hickory skis with a simple strap so  I could glide down hill.   The only thing I could do was point them down the hill and hold on!  Eventually I took up skiing in my late twenties and more than five and a half decades later I am still at it.  Essentially all of my biological children have becomes skiers.   Some are extraordinarily committed to the sport.  The passion for skiing has also been passed down to most of the grandchildren.   Out of the nine biological grandchildren six are expert skiers.   The youngest of the nine is only three so it is yet to be determined if he will take up skiing.   For the moment his parents are only occasional skiers.   The jury is out whether the descendants  will become geezer skiers.  Time will tell. Obviously one could argue that the offspring were influenced by nurture and perhaps that is the dominant factor.
     Meanwhile I am waiting for the biologists to find the ski gene!  I would be happy to provide a DNA sample!

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