Monday, April 1, 2019


    Yesterday my local ski area closed for the season.  Pond skimming in the afternoon was entertaining as most participants took a cold bath and were fished out by the Ski Patrol!   At least on person made it all the way across the pond on telemark skis.  It was a lady in a fluorescent green onesie!  Some of the brave ones made two runs!  Not a geezer in the bunch of pond skimmers!
     I am now in transition mode for my daily activities.  After 90 days of skiing I am adjusting to a different schedule.  I certainly will have more time for writing this blog. I have been remiss in being creative in commenting on geezer activities both for skiing and other venues.
      The transition today was particularly hard since I awoke to at least four inches of fresh snow glistening at the moment in a warming sun.  What a tragedy the ski area is closed.  Of course it has to be a business decision.  Except for a few die hard skiers the ski area has little clientele.  Obviously they are operating at a loss in these waning days.  The main reason to stay open is to encourage more people to buy season passes.
       In my transition to the off season there are a number of chores to make it more palatable.   All the gear has to be cleaned and stored.  I'll put a preserving wax on the skis after I clean them.  Boots will be thoroughly dried and hung on the basement wall.   Since my trusty boot bag has seen better days,  I just ordered a new one on-line.    My wife has also been kind enough to special wash all my ski clothing.   Now is the time for me to get at my Honey-Do list that she has been so tolerantly delayed my completion. 
      In reflection on the 2018-19 season I note it was a season of highs relative to ski conditions and Bluebird days.   However it was a sad season relative to departure of several of my geezer friends from the slopes due to health issues.  Makes me appreciate what I can still do on the slopes and that each day is a gift.
Meanwhile as some of us geezers age out we are finding a few that are geezer skiers  in training.   It the new generation of geezers in their 60's and early 70's.   Good to know our legacy of geezer skiing will have a new generation.  Isn't that appropriate?  Yes, we all are in transition regardless of our age.
        Looking forward to a great summer on the tennis court with my wife Nancy and keeping fit for the 2019-20 ski season.  The season pass is purchased and waiting to be used.

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