Monday, September 25, 2017

Anticipation and Geezerhood

  As October approaches, thoughts shift to anticipation of the coming ski season.  While enjoying this unusually warm summery late September, I a beginning to speculate on the nature of the coming winter.   Will we have another bust like last year or will things return to a more normal season.  One can only hope that global warming will not spoil our hopes.   Meanwhile we can enjoy a splendid display of tree colors, bask in the warm days and comfortably play more tennis.
  In geezerhood one wonders how many more ski seasons the body will tolerate.   Perhaps one of the markers of advanced age(geezerhood)  is the size of the medical file in your file cabinet.   I noticed today as I received my Medicare summary for most of the past year and deposited it in my file cabinet that the medical file takes up almost as much space as all the other files.   And for the most part I have been active and mostly healthy!   I guess the bottom is keeping on the move!  Thankfully, I am blessed with both Medicare and other supplemental insurance.   May all U.S.  citizens be so fortunate.
    Now back to anticipation of the coming ski season.  The skis are waxed and prepped and there is a supply of hand warmers. Unused equipment is up for sale at the Greek Peak Ski Club event the second weekend an October.   We are in the mode of downsizing and minimizing our worldly goods so any redundant ski gear is on the way out.   Anyone looking for older technlogy skis?
     The Farmer's Almanac says we are to have a mild winter, but I am beginning my snow dance the first of October.  This old farmer boy is going to deny any rumors from the Farmer's Almanac.
    Now is the time to get all those fall chores done.  No time in the winter for domestic chores except good old snow blowing and shoveling.   Living in the now is great, but anticipation and hope for the future is inspiring too.

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edu birdie said...

Hey, thank you so much for the info regarding the unused items for sale at the Greek Peak Ski Club. Wish you a very happy and adventurous Christmas and a Happy new Year