Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On Being Tough

   Our geezer skier group at my local ski area, pride themselves on being tough and resilient.  Over the years we all have encountered situations that have limited our mobility and reduced the temptation to ski the more challenging slopes and conditions.   New knees and new hips have brought many back to the slopes.   Other ailments have not been so forgiving and unfortunately there comes a time for one to hang up the skis.  All of us would prefer not to have to face that reality.
Many of our crew has expressed the wish that they would ski the last day of their lives, and depart swiftly from this earthly abode.    That would be the easy way out.  And in a sense would be the cowards way.   My perspective at the moment is that being tough in the utmost is to be able to gracefully deal with ones decline by adjusting to what is rather than yearning for what you would like things to be.
  There can be joy in simply being with loved ones.   And they with you.
  Carpe diem - seize the day - whatever it brings.

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Unknown said...

Hi Gerry,
The ski season in the East was a total bust! Although we fared better in the West, it was far from stunning. I hope your aches & pains are easing. Don't forget to explore the massage therapy aspect for your hip et al. I made it an integral part of my last knee surgery & rehab routine. It really gave me enough pain relief to let my body go about its business of healing.
Here's hoping next ski season we're all healthier, happier, and ready for the snow to bless us with its presence in a big way!
All the Best,
Linda Heymering (Nita & Pret's Daughter)