Monday, December 21, 2015

Finally - Opening Day- A Great Feeling

      The long awaited opening day at Greek Peak has happened.  Today was day to ski just the Alpha slope.   Rather decent surface even if there were a few mud streaks in places.   It was good to get a ski fix.
     Alpha slope is basically a beginners slope that works for early instruction in skiing and boarding.  So if nothing else is available, what should one do there?   Obviously a good time to work on fundamentals.   Although I did a bit of free skiing,  I did also spend a bit of time on edge control, body positioning and the like.   Still trying to lay down those perfect parallel tracks.
       After so many years of skiing, one would think you would not get so excited about being on the slopes again.  Not so!  The old heart quickens and the enthusiasm kicks in.  Almost like being a teenager again.   Hooray for day 1 of a new season.  May the snow gods dump on us in the coming weeks.
   If anyone of of you regular readers need photos of opening day, go to my Facebook page.  Come on you old geezers get with the modern social media if you haven't already.
   Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays or whatever you like.  All good wishes to everyone.

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