Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ski Area Construction Entertainment

  Visited my local ski area on this sunny October afternoon to scope out the new deck over the stream outside the Trax restaurant at Greek Peak.  A friend mentioned this construction in passing a few days ago.  He suggested I should check it out.
    The photos below illustrate the magnitude of the project.  I have built a lot of decks in my lifetime as home projects, but this one sure exceeds anything I have ever done.   The support beams are massive steel I beams and by my engineering estimate you could drive semis across that deck without any concern.   There  was some attempt to beautify with stone columns and they do add some grace to the structure.   To an engineer the under structure has a symmetry and bold lines that are pleasing to view.  Since the stream was nearly dry, I could get a streams eye view that will not be available this winter.  
    Looking forward to the ski season and the chance to lounge on the deck and view the skiers on the slope.   A nice addition and upgrade to the area.  Sorry that I didn't get to see the various stages of the project over the summer.

Down Stream View from the Creek Bed

Upstream View

Support Beams

Decorative Columns

Supporting Steel 

Upstream View

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