Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pre Season - Skier Fellowship

   Thanks to the leadership of Frank Bonamie our senior skier group had a great lunch at the Acorn Grill at Greek Peak today.   As Frank said, "I was ready for a few laughs".   And  we did laugh and lunch and and the eight of us had a great time catching up on our summer activities and reminiscing about the past ski season.   Frank was a generous host for the lunch too!!  We owe you one Frank!
   During the off season we all have found activities to keep us fit and to prepare for another season.  Frank may well be ahead of us with his new Skier's Edge machine.  He even can wear his ski boots on this new version of the Skier's Edge.
The rest of us have fitness workouts with tennis, walking, swimming and golf.  
    In a couple of months we all hope that Greek Peak will be open for business.  For some of us we anticipate trying out new gear.   Others of us will settle in with the tried and true equipment that has served us well in the past.  We all are looking forward to both the skiing and the fellowship.   Good health to all and sorry that many missed our lunch get together today.  Here are a few pictures to remind you all of what you missed ( Note - Dick got away before I could get him in the picture).

Andy, John, Gerry, Alan, Pat and Frank

Andy, John, Midge, Gerry, Alan, Pat, and Frank

View From the Hotel Entrance

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