Monday, April 7, 2014

Wrapping It Up

    It has been a great ski season for 2013-14.   This winter has thrown all kinds of weather at us but for the most part we have had sustained access to good to excellent skiing.  Our local ski area closed on April 6 after 120 days of operation not because there isn't enough snow, but more because it is not economical to operate with so few paying customers.  Because of the cold and cloudy weather in the start of spring, we had relatively little "Spring" skiing.  That is, corn snow, sunshine and above 50 F temperatures.
    Now is the time say it is done.   Pat Ryan would say, "Put a fork in it, it is done".  So the gear has been transported home and appropriately conditioned for the off season.  Skis waxed, clothes washed or cleaned and boots thoroughly dried.  Need to thoroughly dry the helmet liner, goggles foam and balaclava to prevent any mildew.  Maybe a little Febreze would help too.
   Now the geezers are on to other things.  Many will golf  the summer and fall away.   Others will be fishermen.  Some of us will hit the tennis courts or do some mountain biking.   Whatever the case, we will enjoy the sun and warmth and look forward to another ski season.  Season passes likely purchased too.
Saturday April 5th Start

Final Day - April 6 - Sunshine and Corn Snow