Sunday, September 22, 2013


   At this autumnal equinox there are stirrings among the die-hard skiers in anticipation of another season on the slopes.   Snowfall in the far reaches of the U.S. west are noted and dreams of being a better skier are renewed.   A couple of days ago I received my copies of Skiing and Ski magazines.  The Gear Guide issue spurred a review of the possibilities of new equipment.   It is interesting to see what new technology may be useful.  However, nothing grabbed me this time except the what seemed like hugely inflated prices for boots.  I am glad the my boot liners of last year are so effective and comfortable that I have no need for change.   Ski technology does not seem to have significantly changed from last year.
    The Top 50 Resort Guide was intriguing.   For the most part I agreed with the evaluations of the ski areas that I have visited.   Alta and Snowbird remain near the top of the hard core skiers ski areas as does Mad River Glen of the East.   Their evaluation of Snow Basin fit with my experience as well.  Even though I am now beyond the "skiing the steeps" the article on the same gave me a rush to think of what it is like to head off down a 40 degree slope.   Thankfully I am wise enough to be satisfied with the memory and not have to push myself now.
   Each year I usually add at least one thing new to my ski gear collection.  It looks like this year it will be a new jacket.   I  have been scoping out an appropriate jacket that fits my technical needs at the same time being of reasonable cost.   Google seems to be aware of my searches since jacket ads keep popping us whenever I am using Google Chrome.  For all of my geezer buddies at Greek Peak, you may not be seeing my old yellow jacket much this season.   However, like a comfortable pair of shoes the old yellow jacket still makes me feel good on the slopes.
    So here we are with the days getting shorter and the temperatures dropping.   Changes and stirrings are about.   A new season, a new management at our local ski area, and a new ski lift as well.  All this has to be stirring the blood of the geezer skiers.

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