Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Old and The New

    This week on Tuesday I made my annual trek to the New York State Empire Farm Days near Seneca Falls to see the latest in farm machinery and agricultural technology.   Today I spent a few hours at the display of vintage Brockway Trucks on Main Street of Cortland.
   It is amazing how much technology has advanced both in farm machinery and trucks over a century of time.   At the Farm Days there were tractors that had cockpits with enough controls and readouts to match a modern jet plane.   GPS controlled driving and equipment monitors significantly enhance the productivity of the farm operator.   Not only has sophistication of the machines increased, but also the size of equipment, and tractors has enormously increased.   See the contrast between a 1931 John Dear tractor and a 2013 model.  
   At the Brockway display one could see a similar contrast in truck technology but only over about 70 years since Brockway built their last truck in 1977.   From what I can casually see of over the road trucks they also seem to have increased in size, power and sophistication.
   The antique technology was remarkably durable for its time.  However, probably there was a much higher level of maintenance required.   Geezers of my generation commonly were able to do that maintenance.   Although today's technology is unusually reliable, it is impossible for the home mechanic to repair the sophisticated computer controlled devices of modern diesel and gasoline engines.  Let alone the hybrids!
   I have grown to appreciate the old and celebrate the new.   I would mark that as being content with change while honoring the past.   Maybe that is the best way we can behave in geezerhood.
2013 - 9460 Model - 460 horsepower.

1931 John Deere

Brockway Truck Lineup

1927 Brockway - Columbia Fall, Montan Owner

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