Friday, June 7, 2013


  Every June I look forward to playing tennis in the New York State Senior Games in Cortland.   Lately I have been playing in the Singles division in my age group and in the Mixed Doubles group division in Nancy's age group.   Although I failed to be a medal winner last year in my singles group, I still enjoyed the round robin play that gave me several matches over the course of two days.   By virtue of a small number of participants in mixed doubles last year, Nancy and I were medal winners.
   Unfortunately the 2013 games have not been as satisfying.   In my pool of six players for singles we were only able to get in one match a piece before the rain came in earnest.   At least I had a win so that was partially satisfying.   However, I would like to have had a chance to at least test my skills against the remaining four opponents.   I have never beaten three of the remaining four but it still is rewarding to raise my level of play against them.   Perhaps my only hope now is to outlive them!
  Today was another rain day with no matches scheduled.   Play is scheduled for singles tomorrow although the doubles play has been cancelled.   Unfortunately, I will have to forfeit my play tomorrow due to obligations for  the Cornell Alumni Weekend.   Oh well - I  trust there will be another year to play again.
   Meanwhile, I give my best wishes to Wise, Usher, Shannon, Schoonaker and Viktor  S.  as they battle it out tomorrow.   We are all within five years of age of each other and for about three years of the five year bracket we are all in the same bracket.  However some of the years one or more is in either a higher or lower age bracket.   With Nancy I get to play with the youngsters!
Washout - Court a reflecting pool!

An Armchair Athlete - Rain Out Day

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